ROVAR's cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) technology is revolutionizing the airport experience

We're proud to have been appointed to the Emirates Game Changer Program to reimagine the entire end-to-end passenger experience.

Drawing on our vast experience designing the Air France and KLM Mobile apps, as well as our AR expertise, we created a seamless, immersive passenger experience that puts the user at the center of every interaction. The smart guide homepage synchronises with the guest’s GPS, highlighting services and facilities in real-time for an enhanced brand experience ensuring a personalised end-to-end journey, with the added benefit of in-flight content control delivered through the smartphone.

Simple Seamless Passenger Experience

Our solution also generates real-time data on passenger trends and behavior, providing intelligent insights that can be used to optimize the airport experience further. With our commitment to creating simple, seamless passenger experiences, we've helped Emirates to become a leader in innovation and passenger experience.

ROVAR's expertise in visual communication is evident in the sleek and contemporary smartphone interface of our AR wayfinding solution. The interface highlights key features, facilities, and duty-free retail promotions, allowing passengers to quickly find what they need and maximize their time throughout Emirates airport terminals.

Extending ROVAR Across Dubai

We're not just limiting our solution to the airport either. Our AR wayfinding solution can be extended across the city of Dubai, using location-based technology and real-time data to deliver high-flying content to visitors and tourists, providing them with the best that Dubai has to offer.

Emirates Airlines' "Game Changer" program has set new standards for the airline industry, and ROVAR's AR wayfinding solution is at the forefront of this revolution. Our dedication to creating immersive, seamless, and personalized experiences has helped Emirates to become a leader in innovation and passenger experience.