Bringing immersive interactive experiences to the worlds largest and most famous TV series, Rovar worked in partnership with Linenmill Studios and HBO for the multi-million pound investment in the Game of Thrones Studio Tour.

Game of Thrones Studio Tour brand elements HBO and Linen Mill Studio Logos

Seven Kingdoms Revealed

Introducing a new level of engagement, fans get up close to authentic customs, props and set designs and with the introduction of augmented reality experiences have the ability to explore the seven kingdoms from the title sequence in high animated detail laid out on the original kings landing map room.

Design your
own sigil

Pushing the boundaries further, a suite of touch-screen interactives developed by Rovar allow visitors to design and customise their very own sigil, selecting their own motifs, colours and shield with a statement of intent for their own unique house style.

Design your own sigil

Interactive Production Journals

Flicking through the interactive pages of the Production Journals, visitors get a great insight into the decade of workings and ideas of the production crew, from set and costume designs through to the unique craftsmanship of the weaponry featured throughout the show.

Dragon Throne Room

Beyond the Rovar virtual and augmented interactive experiences, the team consulted and advised the Linenmill Studios stakeholders on how best create the grand finale within the Throne Room. Not to give any secrets away, it is highly recommended for visitors to stand in amazement within the final scenes of the show and fully appreciate the level of detail that dedicated fans have come to fully appreciate in this world-class visitor attraction.

Digital Marketing

As a world class tourist attraction, the Game of Thrones Studio Tour brand is globally marketed across multiple digital and social media channels. Delivering strategic creative campaigns for Linenmill Studios, Rovar has brought amazing immersive and interactive content that has been deployed to a world wide audience.

AR Roadshow iPad

Interactive Outdoor Advertising

With Rovar, the immersive experience and creativity can drive customer engagement and advertising campaigns across social media channels as well as print based media.