Celebrating National Day in Abu Dhabi & the Emirates

We partnered with Aldar to celebrate National Day in Abu Dhabi in a truly innovative and immersive way. Our goal was to create smarter communities where citizens could take pride in their city and districts by utilizing augmented reality (AR) technology to bring people together and celebrate the culture and heritage of the Emirates.

To achieve this goal, we created a series of AR experiences that left a lasting impact on both citizens and visitors of the Emirates. Our passion for storytelling and our commitment to innovation were evident in every aspect of the project.

National Day App

Virtual AR Art Panels:

Showcasing Local Talent and Sustainability

ROVAR's Virtual AR Art Panels were a perfect way to showcase the amazing art produced by the children of Aldar Academy. The panels brought their ideas for sustainability, space travel, and the future of Abu Dhabi to life in a beautiful and engaging way. The Virtual AR Art Panels were a great occasion to showcase their work to their families and friends, creating an exciting and memorable experience for everyone involved.

Walking the Virtual Cultural Heritage Trail:

Understanding the History of the UAE

Our team also created a Virtual Cultural Heritage Trail along Souq Al Mina's archways, allowing everyone to interact and understand the significant milestones of the UAE's 51-year history. Each animated panel was produced in dual language, making it easy to explain the chronicle order of the Emirates formation in an interactive, engaging manner. With no physical installation required, virtual walkable cultural heritage trails are a brilliant opportunity to encourage and influence public footfall through any city or rural district.

Flight of the Seven Falcons:

A Beautiful Virtual Art Display

ROVAR's Flight of the Seven Falcons was a stunning virtual art display that told the story of the formation of the Emirates 51 years ago. Each falcon was modeled, stylized, and scaled to 40 meters, creating an amazing experience as they virtually soared in the sky above. The falcons were synchronized to traditional music and elegant displays of significant historic imagery and calligraphy, creating a truly beautiful animation. All of this was viewable through smartphones with the use of AR, creating a seamless and engaging experience for all participants.

At ROVAR, we believe that AR has the power to transform how people engage with the world around us. Our vision is to create smarter communities where individuals can take pride in their city and districts, and we achieved this through the innovative use of AR technology.